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The Ultimate Web Developing Company
In WebUltima, we treat your business as our business. We integrate function, efficiency, and aesthetics at the core of our designs not just to help you attract clients but also let them grow with you. We offer services in the field of Web Development, Web Design, Company Website, and Other related Web Services.
WebUltima provides comprehensive web development and other related web services. We aim to deliver ultimate web solutions for businesses, organizations and individuals. Rest assured, our dedicated team of professionals is committed to assisting our clients and partners to meet their requirements and expectations, thus, developing and taking their website to the next level in terms of design, functionality and efficiency.
Flash is a set of multimedia technologies used in web design to create an interactive and engaging portfolio combining movement and visuals. Flash Portfolio, a web service that we offer, is commonly used in animation, intro, banners, games, advertisements and various web page components. Get flash either on your portfolio or on your company website.
Using World Wide Web as marketing medium, e-Commerce involves buying and selling of products and services over the internet. Nowadays, Internet has been a tool in marketing businesses, commercial sales, business transactions and other commercial activities. By giving household consumers the ability to shop, exchange goods, information and products, funds and others, you can reach new heights through a sophisticated well-thought company website. Append e-commerce on your website design and conduct business transactions despite geographical location through Electronic Data Interchange.
A new tool used in web development, CMS, is a widely-used-computer-software that gives the user the ability to manage web contents without the need of technical knowledge and/or expertise. CMS or Content Management System is built for easy modifications where you can create, edit, manage, publish or delete contents. It enables non-technical users, with or without training, to make changes to an existing website.
JOOMLA is considered as a“Cutting Edge Content Management” tool and solution for web development and publishing web contents. It is a type of web service commonly used by developers and non-technical users due to its simplicity and easy installation of the software and its applications or called “modules”.
WordPress is a common type of web service using “state-of-the-art publishing system” that permits blogging and plug-ins. Wordpress is usually used for customization of a website design’s features and functionality. It is another CMS-based application focused in providing users the ability to administer and monitor their own web pages as well as controlling the web design through an admin panel called “Dashboard”.
Of course in the era of WWW, wherein everything is web-based as in websites: web development, web design, web services; businesses should not eschew the undying significance of traditional marketing tools and techniques. To add to your company website, WebUltima also provides web brochure, business card, and stationery designs to assist you with your marketing campaign.